June Update

New Covid-19 Measures

During the month of May Planterior has been able to bring back several employees from their furlough period and resumed visiting many of our regular clients as normal to carry out ground maintenance services.

To enable Planterior to bring back employees and to work safely we have incorporated a new COVID -19 policy. This policy includes an operating a 1 driver per vehicle system where possible, including allocating drivers to their own vehicles. Where we need to get more employees to site, we travel in separate vehicles, or use our Cabstar / Ranger in which we have installed Perspex screens between the driver and passenger.

Within the works unit we have incorporated a staggered start time for the staff and a one-way system and floor markings / signage to remined staff of social distancing. We have installed anti-bacterial station at each entrance which contains hand cleansing gel so staff can wash their hands every time they enter the unit. We have also put up hand washing information posters to demonstrate to staff on how to wash their hands correctly.

We are working with all our customers to ensure safe working practise on site including remote signing in, avoiding site communal areas where possible and cooperating with health screening checks where required.

All our measures are in line with the government ‘Working safely during COVID-19’ guidance.

New Machinery

We have recently purchased a new two-wheel tractor with various attachments giving us new ways to effectively manage long grassed meadows, rotavate large areas and cut grass banks.

An order has also been placed for 2 new pedestrian mowers to meet our increased demand on the maintenance visits.

We also continue the trials of our battery powered machinery. So far, we have been impressed with these machines as they operate quietly and instantly, providing us better opportunities for working in noise-sensitive area like nurseries, schools and office environments. We are looking at increasing the number of battery powered machines in our fleet.

New Sites

Despite COVID-19 several of our customers have asked us to maintain additional sites under their control. These include general maintenance sites as well as one-off projects such as an exciting riverbank regeneration project.