Site Profile: Veolia Staffordshire ERF

Site Information:

Veolia Staffordshire ERF is a flagship energy recovery facility where household waste is incinerated, diverting waste from landfill and generating energy in the process.

Our service for this site includes the management of the habitat mitigation areas and the main grounds. We began the works on the habitat areas in 2014 and then took over the contract for the site grounds in mid-2015. Our specification for the two areas are as follows:

Habitat Areas:

To manage the site in a sensitive way that maximises biodiversity, especially for the benefit of newts and other amphibians.

Site Grounds:

To create and maintain a neat and tidy site, that provides impact and highlights the flagship nature of the site, without neglecting wildlife and the environment.

Our work:

Habitat Areas:

We manage the meadow area through cutting and raking off the arisings. We combat scrub incursion via a programme of cutting back in the winter. We also manage the ponds to ensure the right balance of vegetation and open space.

Our management programme has been vindicated through the recent identification of rising numbers of newts in the ponds and the positive feedback of the site ecologist.

Site Grounds:

In addition to a thorough visit programme which ensures the site remains tidy, we have implemented many projects to improve the grounds. Some examples include:

  • Creating a large logo of the site from coloured stone chippings,
  • Annual high-impact meadow areas,
  • Planters & pots with colourful seasonal bedding rotated 4 times per year,
  • Additional planting of shrubs & trees to add colour and variety,
  • Installation of owl boxes,
  • Management of the ponds to include additional planting,
  • Open day planting displays.

We have many plans for the future to ensure continual improvement. The site staff are very positive about our high standard of work and are confident that all ideas will be implemented effectively.